• Aki Tataki & Tuna Dumpling

Dine In

Dine In
  • BYOB - There's no cork fee but please drink responsibly.
  • • Reservation for up to 20 guests.
  • • Free parking after 7pm. Show us your parking stub and get it deducted off your bill.

Take Out

Take Out
  • • Fresh food on the go.
  • • Download our iPhone App & Android App to have your orders ready for pick up.
  • • Purchase 10 lunch box takeouts and your next lunch takeout is on us!

Free Delivery

Free Delivery
  • • Free local delivery with minimum $20.00 order.

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Events & Promotions

Build Your Own Bento Box

Build Your Own Bento Box
When: Sun-Thurs | 5-7PM
Where: Toro Sushi Bar
What: Build Your Own Bento Box for $16.

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Why: Order food in our app and get discounts & offers to stay updated with our latest events for all your sushi needs.

Our 5 Year Anniversary

Holiday Catering
When: Nov-Dec 2013
Where: Toro Sushi Bar
What: Redeem a $5 or $10 Gift Card for any tray

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    “This hidden gem is the definition of hospitality.”

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    “...present your food cleanly and with aesthetics in mind.”

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    “Fresher fish, better presentation, nicer staff, cooler decor.”

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